A mode in a microsctructured optical fiber.


My research has so far included mathematical modelling in optical communications systems, micro-structured optical fibres, anti-reflective motheye structures and phase noise in optoelectronic oscillators.

I have worked with the polymer optics group at the University of Sydney investigating the light capture properties of suspended-core high numerical aperture polymer fibres, chiral bragg fibres and developed software to solve the vector wave equation to calculate the modes of micro-structured optical fibers.

Previously I was at the University of Colorado at Boulder investigating theoretically the severity of collision-induced timing shifts between pulses in a WDM optical communications system.

Thesis: “Collision Induced Timing Shifts in Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Optical Fiber Communications Systems”

My CV is available: [pdf]



Is an object oriented library in Python and C++ to find the modes of microstructured optical fibers. It has been released as open source software, although it is still an ongoing project.


I have also developed a python library for the simulation of phase noise in optoelectronic oscillators. It has been released as open source software.


An old library to solve the nonlinear Schrodinger equation by split-step is available as source code, however this is also included in the Oscillate project.

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